Dhruv Life Sciences is privileged to posses excellent manufacturing facilities which are backed by state-of-the-art quality control labs and a dedicated team of experts to supervise the operations. At present we have three facilities, a biotech facility in Hyderabad which manufactures enzymes and biotech intermediates, a formulation facility in Baddi and an injectable facility in Hyderabad where we manufacture lyophilized and prefilled syringes under strategic management tie ups and technical collaborations.

Biotech Facility

Our biotech facility is located In Hyderabad approximately 40 kms from old airport in a sprawling 2 acre campus with facilities for manufacturing solid state fermentation, submerged fermentation, protein purification and manufacture of biochemical’s and proteins. Our typical facilities and capabilities include

1. Solid state fermentation

We have a dedicated facility for solid state fermentation which consists of autoclaves, trays for Koji fermentation, backed by downstream facilities like extractors, percolators, multi mill, centrifuges and tray dryers. We also have a coating pan to make enteric coating or granulated enzyme formulations. Our current capacity is 240 tons of Koji per annum and 200 tons of Crude Enzymes per annum.

2. Submerged fermentation

We have dedicated submerged fermentation facilities like orbital shakers, bio fermenters or culture vessels, coupled with facilities for downstream processing like refrigerated centrifuges and ultra filtration systems with a production capacity of 50000 liters per annum.

3. Protein manufacturing facility

DLS has expertise in manufacturing of therapeutic proteins from bovine and porcine origin which has tremendous applications in life science industry. Our typical infrastructure includes, homogenizers, meat mincers, ultra filtration systems, centrifuges, and column chromatography systems. The Biotech facility is backed by a sophisticated quality control laboratory with facilities for analysis of enzymes, pro-biotics and biologicals. We have UV VIS Spectro Photometer, ElISA readers and Gel Electrophoresis units.


DLS has its own facility in Baddi which is having a built up area of 42800 square feet of RCC building equipped with all facilities for manufacturing of liquid syrups, ointments, injectebles and cephalosporin’s.

Besides we have a facility in Hyderabad which is WHO GMP certified having lyophilized and prefilled syringe installations.

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